Why to Choose Excelsis Designs?

Why to Choose Excelsis Designs?

Why should you choose Excelsis designs over any traditional foam board company? Is the biggest concern of first-time buyers so let us tell you that among all the providers, we provide the best acid-free black foam core board to our clients, our team of experts and our years of experience speaks for us, our boards are made up of high-quality material which is sturdy to use. 

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So, if we talk about buying an acid-free poster board we must know about it and what its uses are. These boards are used by businesses and brands to hang up the posters in metal stands, these boards can be perfectly used when you want to hang your product, or just want to promote a movie. These boards are best used by professionals, so if you just want to paste a paper on them, do not ruin the poster board and go for the smaller ones instead. 


We provide high-quality acid-free poster boards and foam core boards, so if you want to make small objects, use them for architectural purposes or want to do art and craft, these boards can be used best for that. The foam boards are lightweight, sturdy and provide the user with an adequate surface, as these are acid-free, you can paint them as well. 

You can surely use our products for decors, designs, add sales, to make menu boards and more. nothing can provide you such adequate texture than these boards. 

You can use spray paints or oil paints on the boards, we provide you with the exact size you desire. However, when you make an object in it, make sure to use a sharp knife and cut the edges effectively. Plus point with these boards is that if it is damaged a bit from somewhere it will not ruin the image of a whole board. 

So, just go and check Excelsis designs, sign in and register with your email, when the process is done, you can search for your desired size and colour and check out. Our team of experts will start creating your package and deliver it to you within a few business days. However, we accept the payment in US dollars, Euros or British Pounds. 

Advantages of buying the foam boards from us

There are certain advantages you will get when you buy the foam core boards from us, as a reputed provider in the market, we make sure to supply high-quality material boards to our clients. 

  • We offer you various sizes and colours so that you can choose whatever you want to. 
  • Our foam core boards price is affordable and you do not have to pay extra with us.
  • Our product is carefully cut to the exact size and meticulously packaged with thorough corner protection.  
  • If you are unsatisfied with our product you can initiate the return process and will initiate the refund as soon as the product reaches us. 
  • With us, you can buy with confidence as we are always happy to deliver our customers with the best assistance all the time. 

Contact us

If you have any further queries related to our product, order information, customer services and suggestions you can contact us anytime via our email. We believe in one golden rule and that is valuable time, that is why we will make sure to respond to you on time. For such informations, you can email us at: support@excelsisdesign.com

If you have queries related to wholesale orders or for orders that are large in number you can contact us via email anytime. The email is: wholesale@excelsisdesign.com

If you are a non-profit organization or a school or charity, we will always help you with our services, please contact us at payitforward@excelsisdesign.com for such purposes.

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