Educate yourself on White Foam Core Board

Educate yourself on White Foam Core Board

What is a Foam Core Board?

When it comes to foam core boards or, to be specific white foam Core, you see them very commonly in supermarkets as well as malls around you. White foam core is also known as white foam board. These two terms are used interchangeably for the foam core board. 

Foam boards are very lightweight and sturdy with the material, and these boards are very easily cut through with a sharp knife or paper cutter. 

These foam boards are very often seen being used for architectural purposes, both in interior designing and even building structures. Foam board is also seen being used for print mounting and photographs to back the picture frames. 

Foam boards are usually constructed of three layers: the innermost layer comprises polystyrene or polyurethane foam. The outer faces of the polystyrene layer are covered with white clay-coated paper on either side. 

These acid-free form words are very much preferred by people all over the world. The reason is, they have a longer lifespan. 

Sizes of foam board

  • Foam board size 8 x 10  is brought into use for printing photos. 
  • Foam board size 16 x 20 is your standard size for posters. This white foam board is mostly used for sales display, the reason being the affordable price. 
  • Foam board size 18 x 24 is seen being used for advertising various products as well as stores. 
  • Foam board size 24 x 36 is used for the standard size for large posters. This size is usually preferred by shopping malls for movie posters and metal stands.

Uses of white foam board

Following are the uses of white foam board: 

  • Foam boards are getting used during various lectures, trade shows, presentations, and the building of various architectural models or structures.
  • Foam boards are used for making science to display by businesses for any events or sales. 
  • The white foam core board is also used as aisle marker, menu boards, notices, in-sale advertising, for doing research projects, in photo galleries, lobby decor, signs that are portable, etc. 

What are the advantages of white foam board?

Following are the advantages of white foam board:

  • The form boards are high in quality when it comes to water resistance. The material is constructed in such a manner that it repels water and protects your build from any damage. Unlike many other white foam boards, these are very well composed and are not prone to deformation.  

  • Corrosion can be an issue when it comes to any poster or artwork of any sort. Be it an architectural build or an interior design work, these boards positively fight against corrosion and succeed more often than not.
  • Fire resistance is another feature of these boards. Therefore they keep your work protected from acid heat or any destructive light.
  • The strength these boards possess is very high. The molecules of the material are brought together in such an alignment that they make a very solid and form constituent. Therefore you will not have any issues with the deformation of the material. The white foam board is very much capable of lasting for four coming decades.
  • They are designed in a manner to attain any shape you desire. They are also made paint-friendly, so you can have your pick with the colour you need. This form board can be very easily used in architectural as well as other artwork purposes.
  • They are extremely pocket-friendly because you get worth of wood through these foam boards. We all know how costly wood can be! Therefore, they are very much preferred worldwide.
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