Why Black Foam Board Is Great Choice and Its Advantages

Why Black Foam Board Is Great Choice and Its Advantages

Black Foam Board is widely used for POP displays, Sets, Props, Exhibits, and more. Also, black foam core is the same used in that kind of manner. Foam boards are very lightweight and easy to bond that is why it is used in most of the above-described uses.


What Is Black Foam Board and Black Foam Core?

The foam board comes in various colors and grades, giving options for short- or long-term use. Black Foam Board is an excellent choice for use as a lightweight material. In addition, the foam board is easily manufactured and customized for cutting, dyeing, printing, painting, installing, and laminating. 

Here, Black Foam Core is the same as Black Foam Board, but the core is black, and both sides are laminated with paper and black. It is very good for background displays and signs.


Black Foam Board


What Are Uses of Black Foam Core and Black Foam Board?

Black Foam Core and black foam board are used and best for:

  •         Business presentations
  •         School projects and a variety of uses
  •         Craft displays
  •         As a POP displays
  •         Exhibits and kiosks
  •         Sets and Props
  •         Interior signage—short-time use
  •         Digital and screen printing
  •         Framing and mounting
  •         Aisle markers
  •         Menu boards
  •         Notices
  •         Advertise sales
  •         Science fair and research projects
  •         Photo galleries

Advantages Of Using Foam Board

Foam Boards are perfect if you’re seeking a robust, less melt able material. The foam board is solid and entirely rigid, as opposed to other forms of poster boards. In addition, the material is flat without help, is straight, and is highly resistant to curling and bending, whether supported or hung.

The better choice is to find a firm post board. Foam boards are a better choice. The core of the Foam makes no weight differences. The easy moving, wall display, and easy storage thanks to the lightweight properties of a foam board.

Since the Foam is light, it’s easy to print and cut foam boards. Photos and graphics may be immediately printed onto the foam core, and the boards can be simply cut to almost any form. For waterproof finishing, you can laminate or frame your foam board.


Thickness And the Size of Foam Board

There are four sizes generally used everywhere that are described below. Foam boards are available in some colors, but Black Foam Board and black foam core are used more in general things. The foam board is robust, resilient and can be tailored to any form or size, regardless of the thickness you pick.

Foam Board Variety of Sizes

  • 8 x 10 it is generally used for photo printing and used for thickness will be 3/16’’

  • 16 x 20 It’s a standard size of a poster. It’s used for sales display, and good for printing signs.

  • 18 x 24 It's generally used for advertising, storing information, and many more.

  • 24 x 36 It’s a larger size used in shopping malls. It’s used in movie posters and as well as metal stands.


Thickness Of Foam Board

1mm and 2mm

These thicker foam boards are way easier to cut, boards and you can easily hang with a stapler or with a hole. It is generally used in the photography sector.


The ideal alternative for presentations, seminars, or mood boards is a 3mm thick foam board.


5mm board is very commonly used for presentation, infographics and maps, and printing related pictures.


10mm sizes are generally used for theatre performances, exhibition stands, and many more areas where more area is needed. For the covering of bigger surfaces, the 10mm thick foam board is employed.
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