What is an acid-free foam core board?

What is an acid-free foam core board?

You all must have heard about the foam core boards, as these have numerous uses and come in handy in various fields such as architectural or for interior design, rather than that people use foam core boards for picture framings, for decorating their lobbies or for making small objects to explain certain concepts of their business.

The foam core board is made up of three layers in which the inner polystyrene is covered with an outer layer of white clay board from each of the sides. However, this is the general introduction of what foam core boards are? But now we will learn about the acid-free black foam core board and how the acid-free boards are eco-friendly and can be used differently.


Acid free foam core board 


About Acid-free poster board

The acid-free poster boards can be used by various companies to hang something conceptual for example the shopping malls use these poster boards to hang the movie posters on a metal stand and it is much better to give the foam core poster boards to professionals rather than cut and paste a paper onto it. 

This will help the finished product smoother and will also avoid bubbles, which can happen when you DIY-paste paper to the board. Nonetheless, there are three types of printing you can do on the foam core poster boards.

  • Double-sided foam core printing will allow you to choose between the single or double side printing at expensive rates but this will allow the print to be seen from both sides when hung in a ceiling or so. 

  • If you want to extend the lifespan of your foam core board then using the laminated foam board prints can be the right choice for you, the lamination will give your board a polished finish and your board will last longer.

  • At last, you can use the heavy-duty poster boards if you are looking for a more rigid, strong and durable board as this can be upgraded from the standard size as well.

How do you handle the foam boards properly?

The instructions here will help you keep your foam core boards in check and you won’t have to look for other solutions as well, all you need to do is just store and display the foam boards properly and as these boards are acid-free, it can be used by professional farmers, artists, photographers and for the people who are into crafts. 

The acid freeboard is completely safe to use and is buffered to maintain the neutral pH level, the acid-free foam core boards are lightweight and easy to cut with a sharp knife, it has all the qualities same as your regular foam board, so be ready to use the moisture-resistant boards.

  • You can store the boards flat and try not to lean them or keep them vertically standing and keeping them away from docks and doors is preferable.

  • Before directly printing the board, ensure pre-cutting it and clean the area to avoid dust.

  • You can use structure support for large items so that you avoid the risk of bowing.

  • Do not keep the foam core boards in direct sunlight and do not keep them close to heating objects that can produce moisture. 

  • As the foam core boards are flammable, do not use them near flame or other resources that contain ignitions. 

  • If you want to avoid the cockiness in your board which occurs due to high humidity in summers, most of the time then try keeping your boards in a controlled environment.


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