Know all about the Foam Core Boards

Know all about the Foam Core Boards

White foam core boards are specifically designed for mounting the photographic prints to create a backing for picture frames, to create models or small objects, and for art and craft purposes. These boards are extremely lightweight and provide you with a sustainable surface to perform the task on. Not only are these boards strong but when cut provides you with a perfect shape.

Most of the architectural and interior design students use this board to build structures out of it. So, let’s introduce you to everything you must consider knowing about the white foam core boards and why you should consider buying foam boards online.


Uses of Foam Boards

There are certain uses of the white foam boards such as you can use them to make presentations, for making architectural models, for making small objects for exhibitions, or if you are in business you can use these boards for indicating signs for the events and you can display your products on these boards to boost up the sales and increase the dividend.

There are some other major uses of these boards which you must know about. 

  • These boards can be used as aisle markers, to decorate your wedding venue a bit more interesting and beautiful.
  • These boards can be used to display menus as well so that people can see loud and clear about the eateries today.
  • You can use the large foam boards to make notices that can reach the maximum number of people.
  • Advertising your sales using the foam boards can be the best choice you can ever make, to boost your sales. 
  • Some are photo galleries, to decorate your lobby, or for portable signage and the list continues to go on.

Foam boards are made up of three layers, the inner one consists of polystyrene which is then covered with the outer layer on each side, or white clay coated paper or cotton archival paper. However, if you want to use foam boards for picture framings, you can go with acid-free cellulose boards.

Foam core Boards


Benefits of using foam core boards

When you want a material that is sturdy yet lightweight then nothing can be better than the white foam core boards, as in comparison to the other boards these provide you with a sustainable and reliable surface, which has a solid core and is completely rigid. The material is capable of staying straight when hunger or propped up or if you want to curl or bend, go ahead.

The foam boards online are lightweight and also makes it easy for the user to carry around and the pictures and various designs can be easily printed on these boards, a plus point with these boards is that they provide you with the perfect shape when cut with a sharp knife, so design it as you like it. Further, if you would like to frame the board, you can, for a waterproof and long-lasting finish. So, choose if you want to go with the matte finish, glossy one, or with the textured one.


Size and shape of the white foam boards

The foam boards come in four standard sizes: 8”*10”, 16”*20”, 18”*24”, and 24”*36. The foam boards come in different colors, thicknesses, and sizes however, the thicker the board will be the more stiffness it will contain. No matter what thickness you choose, it will still provide you with sturdy material, which is strong and can be customized to any shape and size.

From 1mm to 10mm, you can choose these boards as you require as the 1mm and 2mm boards are easy to cut in any shape and size and the thicker boards can be used to cover large areas or surfaces. So whenever, you buy foam board online, consider your need and requirements and buy accordingly.

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