Foam Core Backing Boards : Excelsis Design's Collection

Foam Core Backing Boards : Excelsis Design's Collection

Foam core boards have numerous uses such as for printing photographs, backing picture framings and making small models or objects. The foam boards come in handy because they are lightweight and provide the user with an adequate surface. When cut properly with a sharp knife, it provides the user with a better surface for art and craft purposes.

So, let’s talk about the best foam core board provider, which provides foam board projects and foam core backing boards to its customers. So, that they can also unleash their creativity and make a good project out of just a simple board. Excelsis design is one of the topmost providers of foam core boards so, let’s see what’s there in the box for you.

About Excelsis designs

Excelsis is a family-owned business, who are working to provide customers with high-quality foam core boards of all time. We are experienced in the field for a long time and are completely aware of the needs of our clients, so no matter what colour or what size you would like to have for your foam board projects we will always make it easier for you. 

Our team of experts always take pride in growing together with the help of our customers, we make sure to develop good relations with our clients to maintain the curriculum and good behaviour, you can surely rely upon the quality we provide to you and in case you do not like the product or you are unsatisfied with, we will make sure to return or exchange it. 


Foam Core Backing Boards


Foam Board Projects

This is the item that excelsis designs specifically makes, no matter what colour you want, we will always keep that in stock for you. Our foam core boards are made up of very fine quality and are acid-free. We always make sure to cut our boards exactly to the desired size of our customer and when we dispatch the boards the edge safety is ensured by perfect packaging. 

We have sold our foam core backing boards to numerous people and they are in love with the services and high-quality product we provide, so if you also want to buy foam core boards we might be the right choice for you to have it, our experience and our friendly service speaks for us. 

Reasons to choose us

Whenever you are looking to buy anything online, you always check the background of whatever you are going to buy and that is why we have a full description on our website about how we sell our foam boards, their features and much more. However, if you would like to know why you should choose us and how we are different from the other traditional foam core board providers then here are some of the things you must consider. 

  • We provide you with a lifetime guarantee of the foam core boards as they are made with the best material, however, if you do not like the product we will ensure the return and refund all your money. 

  • The foam core boards are acid-free which makes them environmentally friendly and safe to use by the kids as well.

  • We provide fifteen boards per package which no other supplier does. We focus on being the best foam board company. 

  • Our products come in different sizes and colors which makes it easy for you to choose the right one, whether you like it black or white or red. 

  • These boards are perfectly fine for art, crafts, models, for making small objects, décor or for any other purposes.

  • Our foam boards consist of the best quality at affordable prices.

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